Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to our blog! Our company is about growing individuals, as well as organizations. Part of that is about having a learners mindset. To support this, we will put content out into the world through this blog to help others learn and think. This also helps us learn. Having to write and communicate ideas to the world helps us solidify our own understanding.

We will publish a series of different themes/topics on this platform. While this vision for this company is to mostly be focused on the business sectors (whether its corporate, public or NFP Orgs), supporting individuals also supports organizations (they are made up of individuals, after all). So... we will write on a variety of topics, like:

  • personal mastery (on that note check out Working Together's discussions of PM)

  • our founder's personal insights and learnings throughout her Graduate program

  • complexity/systems thinking in the business world

  • disruptive technologies (like blockchain, new social medias, apps, etc.)

  • productivity/organization tips/questions

  • leadership topics

  • and many others!

We will keep track of the themes by using tags as well as identifying in the subject line whether a post belongs in a series. Happy reading!

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