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Our experience spans decades in areas of expertise including but not limited to: leadership, government organizations, coaching, risk management, operational planning, information and knowledge management practices, policy development, real estate investing, elite sports, strength and conditioning, sports psychology, and nutrition.

Jana Steingass
Principle and Founder

Jana's –passion for learning, as well as her entrepreneurial and warrior spirit span her 12 year  career as a Naval Warfare Officer in the Royal Canadian Navy, where she works as a leader, operational/strategic planner, and information management officer.

Throughout her career, Jana has been committed to a learning and growth mindset. As a naval officer she has always sought out opportunities to push her limits. She completed the Ship's Team Diver course, becoming the Diving Officer on board HMCS Ottawa and Regina which involved leading the dive team in dives around the world. She also challenged the Fleet Navigating Officer course, one of the most difficult specializations as a Naval Warfare Officer, successfully receiving a Minor Warship Navigating Officer qualification. In 2014, Jana deployed with HMCS Regina for a 9 month deployment in the Indian Ocean and Mediterranean Sea in support of Combined Task Force 150 and NATO's Standing Maritime Group 2's Operation Active Endeavor, respectively. She also deployed twice with HMCS Ottawa in support of Op CARRIBE, Canada's contribution to JITAF-South's anti-dgrug interdiction operations. These deployments honed Jana's skills as a Bridge Watchkeeper in some of the busiest maritime waters in the world, which gave her sharp skills in multi-tasking, quick decision-making, and managing teams under stressful conditions.

Outside of her professional career as a Naval Warfare Officer, Jana seeks as many personal development opportunities as possible. In 2015 she started a MSc in Exercise Science, which she is completing in her spare time. As well, in 2017 she completed a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching and is now a Certified Executive Coach. Aside from education, her interests vary from ski instructing at Whistler/Blackcomb, continuing post graduate education, white water sports, powerlifting, to playing guitar, hiking with her dog, and relaxing in front of Netflix with her partner.


Jana's diverse interests,  perspectives and enthusiasm for building excellence brings strength, creativity and curiosity to her coaching and consulting practice.

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