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We value our client's time and unique needs. We offer a complimentary half hour strategy session to determine whether our partnership is best-suited to meet our clients' needs.

What inspires us...


For organizations... The idea for Luminatus Consulting emerged from imagining a world of efficient, productive organizations that care about employee wellbeing. Companies are creative innovations in response to a market demand for a product or service. Growth is based on their ability to meet the demand, regardless of how the organization is managed. In the growth phase, organizations focus their reflective and creative energies on products / services sold, often at the expense of individual employee growth.

For individuals... This vision also applies to life in general. Our company leads individuals through a collaborative journey of self-reflection, critical thinking, imagination and organization, so that clients are empowered to design and live out their dream-life.


Luminatus Consulting's raison d'être is to guide companies, individuals and groups in a self-reflection,  action-oriented process that develops a clear vision, fosters growth and achieves success.




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We collaborate with all levels of employees within a company. Our coaching supports developing executives, middle managers, and new employees into individuals who work in an environment where personal and business visions are aligned.


We catalyze personal growth within organizations in order to facilitate:

  • leadership development

  • change management

  • succession planning

  • strategic planning

  • complexity management

  • organizational scalability.


We collaborate with groups or teams internal or external to businesses. Our coaching supports team cohesion by facilitating the team's creation of a core team mission, vision and values.

We create the conditions of possibility for teams to work efficiently and effectively together through:

  • team building

  • trust building

  • clarifying goals, mission, vision, values

  • clarifying personal goals within team

  • establishing productivity parameters

  • establishing communication and accountability frameworks


We collaborate with individual people in a variety of contexts. Our coaching supports individuals in pursuing personal growth so that they can reach their full potential.

We act as thinking partners so that individuals achieve excellence in:

  • life or business planning

  • life transitions

  • personal vision/goal setting

  • career transitions

  • nutrition changes

  • lifestyle habit creation and changes 


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